Class 3SH: Autumn 1 website photos and blurb


First day: It was so good to be back in school and seeing our friends

Maths: We have been revisiting known facts and how we can use these to help us with new maths problems.  We have also been getting to grips with column addition and subtraction with regrouping.


English: Linked to our topic learning we have been researching and writing a non-chronological report on Doncaster.  We sent Doncaster Tourist Information a promotional video of our findings!


Science: In science we have been finding out about light and how we cannot see without it.  We have been working scientifically to test various materials to see if they reflect light and different objects to see if they create shadows.  We have identified and selected different light sources for our experiments.


Topic: We launched our Doncaster topic with a day of Design and Technology.  In groups we researched, drew, and created various Doncaster landmarks.  At the end of the day we presented our findings to the rest of Year 3.  


PE: We have been working on our fitness and strength by working different parts of our bodies.