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Autumn 1 

In Year 6 this half term we have had a great time learning all about World War 2!

We started the topic off by having an exciting day devoted to finding out more about this period in time. On this day we tasted a range of substitute food including spam and powdered milk (which most of us agreed were not the best tasting!), built some Anderson shelters, listened to music from the era and decoded secret messages and cracked codes!


In English we learned all about the Mi Amigo plane crash in Endcliffe Park in Sheffield. We had a Zoom meeting with Tony Foulds, who was one of the young boys playing in the park when the plane hit. Tony told us all about the guilt he still carries to this day and the pain he feels about his ‘boys.’ We then wrote a newspaper article about the crash which we sent to Tony, some of which are published on his ‘Mi Amigo’ Facebook page.


In other areas we explored music from World War 2 and learned about rationing and evacuation. We cracked codes in Maths and made circuits in Science with which we wrote secret morse code messages.