Welcome To Class 6H

Welcome to Class 6H Mrs Hogg

British Heart Foundation

We enjoyed taking part in a Healthy Hearts quiz in association with the British Heart Foundation who came in to speak to us about keeping our heart’s healthy!

We had so much fun working in teams to decide which of the facts were true or false and it liked perfectly with our topic…’Blood Heart.’

Blood Heart


Dissecting pig hearts was a gory but exciting opening challenge to our new topic, ‘Blood Heart!’ We worked in pairs to learn about how the heart works and find all of the parts by using an actual pig heart! We were so scared at first but we soon got used to it!

In addition to the science area of this topic we have been doing lots of learning based around our core text ‘Pig Heart Boy’ by Malorie Blackman. The story is about a boy who needs a heart transplant but the only one that is available is a….you’ve guessed it…pig heart! We did lots of writing based around this topic – pop in to our Y6 classroom and see our display if you would like to learn more!