KS2 E-Safety Team

We would like to introduce ourselves to you as the KS2 E-Safety team.
We are here for you if ever you have any concerns or worries about how to keep yourself when using the Internet. Remember there is never any question too silly to ask us - they are all important and we will do our best to answer them honestly and fully.
If we do not know the answer to any of your questions then we will find them out for you. Please feel free to approach us at any time. We look forward to seeing you around school and helping you to keep safe on the Internet!
E-Safety Talk by Amy Simister
On Wednesday 8th July we had an entire afternoon dedicated to the issue of e-safety, both within school and at home. Amy Simister from Doncaster LA came in for the afternoon and provided training and discussion for parents (2pm-3pm) and staff (teachers, TAs, middaysupervisors and governors) from both Southfield and Bessacarr schools.
Everyone who attended learnt something valuable and were able to go back to their respective places of work/ homes with idea based upon online protection, CEOP, dangers for youngsters. If you would like any further information on any issues regarding e-safety then please contact susie.hogg@southfield.doncaster.sch.uk
Please see below for a link on all of the fabulous work that Amy Simister does for the Local authority in Doncaster.
In addition please click on the links below to educate yourself further with regards to e-safety issues in the age-range your child is currently at.
Suitable e-safety videos for 5-7 year olds
Suitable e-safety videos for 8-10 year olds