Footware in school

29th February 2016
Dear Parents and Carers,
I have had a meeting with the Student Council today and together we have arrived at a decision around the school footwear policy. The children have brought to my attention their dislike of wearing black pumps in school. They felt that they were uncomfortable and difficult to keep on their feet. They also felt that their learning time was also slowed down by having to change in and out of them frequently throughout the day and we all said that they were often left in corridors or classrooms which made the school look untidy. As of tomorrow children will come to school in black shoes or boots. They will not get changed into pumps once in school anymore. If children wish to play out on the field at playtime they may bring a pair of trainers to change into but once playtime is over they will put on their school shoes again. If your child does not play on the field and their school shoes are not in danger of being muddy then they do not need a pair of trainers for breaks and they keep their school shoes on all day. This has taken much discussion but I feel that we have arrived at the right decision together.
Kind Regards
Mrs N Worthington