Mrs Wood : Year 1

Home Learning - Mrs Wood's Class October 13th -16th
Maths : Watch the videos and work your way through the questions and answers with an adult. Try to encourage your child to talk through their method in full sentences to help their understanding.
There are also activities on your Maths with parents account 
English -
This term we have been looking at similarities and differences. We have considered how we can be very different to someone, whilst still sharing a lot in common. Work through these activities below to continue this thread of learning.
Session 1 - Make a Venn diagram of similarities and differences between people , objects, things - eg -  I have blonde hair, you have brown hair, we both have long hair. (see example)
English - 
Session 2 - Using the information from your Venn diagram, write this information down using full sentences. Remember you need to start with a capital letter, use finger spaces, phonics and a full stop! Encourage your child to stop and read their sentence as they write it to check that it makes sense.
Session 3 - Consider who lives in your house. What type of house do you live in? How many rooms does it have? Which room is your favourite? Why? Write down using full sentences. Compare this to your parents house when they were growing up. See if you can find any similarities and differences between the two.
Session 4 - Play 'guess who' by thinking of people in your family. Ask questions such as ' Do they have glasses?' 'Do they have curly hair?' Choose someone in your family to write about, describe  what they look like without giving away their name, ask your parents to guess who you have written about. You could draw a picture too!
Art -
Sketch / paint some fruit and vegetables at home, really look at the details and the textures that each piece of food has. Try and use 2 different colours to add shading and depth to your pictures and share them with me on twitter!