Parents Council

How do we make the most of our relationship with parents and carers?
How can parents and carers have a voice in the decisions that affect them, their families and their community?
What can be done to break down barriers that keep some parents and carers away from our school?
How can we work in partnership with parents/carers and create mutual trust and respect?

Why we set up a Parent Council
At Southfield we recognise the importance of developing good working relationships with our parents/carers and families and to take their views into account. In order to achieve this we have set up a parent council which we feel has helped with engaging parents and carers, giving them a voice and encouraging them to become involved in school life.

Southfield's aim in creating a Parent Council means that we now have a parent body which has been set up and run by parents/carers giving them an independent voice within the school. The group has the support of the school and the Governing body. We feel our Parent Council plays a crucial part in strategies for parental involvement and in supporting the school in achieving many of our wider objectives.

How can a Parent Council benefit our school?
Pupils-When their parents have a positive relationship with the school and are involved with their child's education a pupil's behaviour will be enhanced and this will raise pupil achievement.

Parents/Carers - We value parent's opinions and encourage them to express their views. By having a Parent Council parent's and carers know that they are able to make a difference. They have a voice and it has increased their active involvement in decision making and has fostered a culture of ownership and partnership. Our parents/carers have gained from networking with others and have benefited from receiving advice and guidance from the school and other individuals. This has enabled them to support their children with their learning. The skills and knowledge brought into school by parents can greatly develop the school's provision.

Schools - The school now has a better understanding of the views and needs of parents/carers and ideas of how we might be able to address them. We are able to take advantage of the ideas and skills which parents and carers have to offer.

The Role of a Parent Council
The Parent Council's role is to be representative of the parent population of the school. It is a route for constructive ideas that come from our parents' experiences and it has an advisory and consultative role within the school. The parent council has become an active partner in shaping change and improvements similar to the Pupils' School Council.

What a Parent Council means for our school.
As a parent-led group, the Parent Council does not require involvement from the governing body or school staff in its day-to-day running. However, to make a real difference our Parent Council has a close working relationship with the school leadership team and the governing body.