Safety Letter

17th January 2018


17 January 2018. 


Dear Parents, 


In recent weeks, we have been working closely with the staff of Southfield Primary because of our concerns for the dangers facing children due to traffic congestion. 


We believe that unless immediate action is taken, we will inevitably be facing a serious accident/injury to one of the children. 


We are aware of previous letters and actions by the school and would suggest the following to all parents: 


  1. Only use a car if it is necessary. 

  1. Vehicles should not be driven into the school entrances or parked blocking the gateways. 

  1. Cars should never be parked on zigzag or double yellow lines.  

  1. Do not park across the driveways of local residents. 

  1. Consider parking further away from school and walking the short distance remaining. We would strongly recommend this option to you. 

  1. Please use the pedestrian gateways at all times and especially when bringing children into and out of school. 

  1. Please bear in mind the safety of children at all times. 


Fixed Penalty Fines can be issued for the following: 


  1. Vehicles causing an obstruction. 

  1. Parking on zigzag or double yellow lines. 

  1. Driving without due care and attention. 

  1. Driving while using a mobile phone.  


This list is not exhaustive but represents the main points of concern observed recently near the schools. 

We also hope to work with the children in the near future to raise awareness of road safety. 


We trust we can work together on this issue in the best interest and safety of all our children. With this in mind, Officers from the South Doncaster  Safer Neighbourhood Team will be monitoring this situation and regular patrols will be taking at school in and out times. 


It could be your child who is the unfortunate victim of an accident in the future 


Yours sincerely,  







Doncaster East Safer Neighbourhood Team. (In conjunction with Southfield Primary)