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Southfield Curriculum Statement




Our Curriculum is underpinned by oracy and is relevant to the Armthorpe community but develops a deep and interconnected understanding of wider global issues and social injustice. It is a knowledge based curriculum which is underpinned by the Southfield vision.


At the heart :

  • Depth of learning
  • Powerful knowledge which is syructured and purposeful , specialised,systematic and remembered not encountered.
  • Reading prioritised to enable full access to the curriculum
  • Rich curriculum - meaningful and relevant to contemporary children
  • Bold and thought provoking
  • Global issues
  • Starts with knowledge but skills then build progressively across the year and group and linear from Y1-6
  • Focus on subject disciplines
  • Clear purpose for assessment
  • Local context
  • Using the past to inform modern thinking
  • Social justice requires that education empowers everyone to be well informed and take control of their lives. Liberated, confident children who think critically and can be democaratic.



Our curriculum is designed over time to maximise the likelihood that children will develop understanding, remember and connect the steps they have been taught. We aim to introduce them to the best that has been thought and said. An ambitious curriculum for all, with high challenge and expectations but in a climate where children feel safe to contribute and, make mistakes and learn metacognitively.


At the heart:

  • Focus on the content knowledge and is unerpitted by structure and sequence, not knowledge in isolation
  • Knowledge and skills systematically revisited
  • Vocabulary explicit
  • Talk at the heart – balance of teacher imparting knowledge and plenty of opportunity for children to have interactive dialogue and elaborate on ideas and thinking
  • Breadth of literature
  • Relate new knowledge to what we already know
  • Clear purpose for assessment
  • Clear curriculum leadership
  • Learning is connected, relevant and purposeful



We want our curriculum to make a difference. To empower children with sequential knowledge that is cumulative and sticks with them over time. We aim for it to provide solid foundations for all future learning and allow children to commit rich learning experiences to long term memory. To develop questioning, articulate citizens who are able to take control of their lives and contribute well to society.


At the heart:

  • Check progress over time
  • Systematic
  • Is it powerful learning? Is it being transferred?
  • Understanding and knowledge directly linked
  • Is knowledge sticky? Is it being retained and built upon?
  • Progress- knowing more and remembering more
  • Equal access for all and the attainment gap closing
  • Why this? Why now?

Long Term Curriculum Plans

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Year 3

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Year 6

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